About Us

About Col Juicery About Col Juicery 

Col Juicery is a locally owned and operated Cold Pressed Juice Company. Founded on the ideal of col-laborating within the community, fostering partnerships, and providing opportunities. This ethos is at the heart of every decision we make; it is even where our business name is derived from.

A bit about the founders 

After deciding to pursue a life in Prince George, British Columbia, Rhea and Dennis began to think about what they wanted that life to look like. With a great community, delicious food, and amazing adventure possibilities there wasn't much missing - except cold-pressed juice and healthy food options! 

With that in mind, they launched Col Juicery at the University of Northern British Columbia Farmers Market and the Prince George Farmers Market with a selection of cold-pressed juice and were blown away by the support and enthusiasm for the product.

Rhea and Dennis are grateful for the support along the way and the opportunity to connect even further with individuals within the community! They are excited to grow and continue to expand with you by our side. 

Col Juicery